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So... This is one of those things that I'm not sure I should put in print, but feel I must. 

I think I have developed a third nipple. 

Well maybe not really a third nipple, more likely a bug bite that kind of resembles an extra nipple.  There is a name for those afflicted with an extra one... but I can't remember what it's called.  Anyway... now I have an idea what an extra nipple feels like. 

I can't help but wonder if they are supposed to itch.  I suspect not.  So even as I write this, I am leaning toward it being a bug bite. 

Now see... even as I weigh the pros and cons of posting this... I visualize my dear mother jerking back in her chair with a quick intake of breath... covering her mouth in disbelief.  And just as quickly relaxing in her chair, shaking her head and muttering out loud something to the affect of ... "why am I not surprised?" or "who raised this kid?".

I must remember to ask her when I get home.

Since I'm confessing these quandaries in my life.  I will say I'm a little disappointed about something.  Maybe disappointed isn't quite the right word... maybe I'm just a little insulted and feeling a little left out of the true Malagasy experience.

Not unlike other developing countries, Madagascar is supposed to be laden with prostitutes.  Various articles and tourist write-ups mention this fact as a warning.  Kim and Colin also repeatedly warned me to be on the look out.  Since my French and Malagasy language skills are essentially Zilch, I was prepared to be extra careful to not blindly agree to anything if I didn't totally understand the question... else the agreement could end with unintended results.

So my issue isn't that I want to negotiate with a hooker... but I've been here almost a week and I haven't even been approached!  So it begins to make me think... what's wrong with me?  Do I look broke?  Am I too sunburned or is it my wind-blown hair?  It's really kind of insulting. 

It's dark out... maybe I'll go for another walk...

Hmmm... maybe... just maybe it's my third nipple...

~ Sorry Mom