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Political Climate in Madagascar:

So as it turns out Mad doesn't actually have a legitimate government.  The acting president, isn't really a president at all.  From what I can gather, he simply organized the "outing" of the previous guy.

The new guy, rallied a bunch of demonstrators under the pretense that the, then existing, president wasn't doing enough for the poor people of Mad. 

By all accounts the old president was very much into free enterprise.  Under his rule, people that worked hard and succeeded were able to profit.  The new guy promised a little something for nothing to all Malagasy.

Needless to say the something-for-nothing struck a chord with many people and the old guy was overthrown even though the new guy was in no way qualified to lead the country.

Big surprise that now everything is being taxed to the empth degree.  The poor are actually getting poorer, jobs provided by free enterprise are disappearing and the wealthy are withdrawing from the marketplace.

It should be no surprise that now the people want this new guy out and someone else in power.  I'm betting the old guy is thinking "do you miss me yet?".

Funny... this sounds familiar to me, but I can't quite put my finger on it....